Kids in swimming pool
Kids in swimming pool
Play and Learn Family Daycare
Play and Learn Family Daycare


The most important goal of Play and Learn Family Daycare is to provide the children with a warm and loving atmosphere.  Within this framework, we offer a variety of activities and structure. 


Children are offered developmentally appropriate activities and events which also consider their individual needs.


The caring and qualified staff focus on positive learning to build each child's confidence and self-esteem.


Music, dance, and/or theatre (puppets and dress-up) are daily activities used to enrich the learning experience.


The sensory table and blocks help children develop motor and thinking skills.


Children help in the kitchen, and even make their own play-dough!


Games, puzzles and crafts encourage social skills and creativity.  The range of ages at Play and Learn Family Daycare promotes better social skills and appreciation for the differences between people.

Older children also participate in activities geared towards kindergarten readiness.


And of course, every day includes reading activities!

Block Play
Block Play helps children develop both large and fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.  While playing with blocks, children have a chance to work together with friends while sharing materials.  Blocks encourage children to count, match, sort, group, as well as add and subtract.  As a child is building with blocks, she experiments with gravity, balance and geometric shapes.

Sensory Table
Children learn through their senses.  Sensory tables improve a child's sense of touch, which helps them perceive their environment more accurately.  Exposing children to a variety of textures helps develop their fine motor skills.  Fine motor skills need to be developed so children can manipulate toys, complete self-help tasks, use utensils, and learn to write.

Cooking Activities
Cooking can help young children learn and practice basic math concepts, and build language skills.  When reading a recipe together, new words are introduced to your child's vocabulary promoting literacy.  Following steps in the recipe contributes to listening skills.  Children often will try new and different foods if they prepare it themselves.

Music and Movement
Music is important to the healthy development of children, and the children love it!  They will naturally start to dance when they hear music.  Many children also enjoy clapping to music.  Music encourages creativity.  Musical children tend to be more capable of developing and controlling their physical movements.  Music inspires joy, and a joyful child is a happier, more well-developed child.


Elaine Kessler is a music and movement specialist who provides the children with a music enrichment program.

Arts and Crafts
Early exposure to visual art promotes activity in the brain.  Art nurtures inventiveness as it engages children in a process that aids in the development of self-discipline, cooperation and self-motivation.

Creative Play with Puppets
Puppets are educational as well as a lot of fun.  They promote language development.  Shy children often become more outgoing when using puppets and will interact more with their peers.  Puppets allow children to be very creative.

Outdoor Playtime

Outdoor play is an extremely important part of each day.  Children enjoy running, jumping, climbing and using all their large muscles

Special Events

Princess Day is always a hit with the older and younger girls!  We also celebrate Color Days, and Special Letter Days.  Other Special Days are Pajama Day and Halloween.

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